The Miracle Soothing Ointment I

The Miracle Soothing Ointment

I am a social runner and a hiker, I usually exercise 4-5 days a week. At times I would experience stiffness on my right calf , especially on waking up in the mornings. I am grateful to Prof Keo Motaung for introducing La-Africa Soother herbal paste to me.

I have applied a pea-sized quantity on my calf and on my knee, and just less than 5 minutes the pain on the affected areas has remarkably reduced a lot.

It has been two weeks now and the pain literally disappeared upon application and it has this soothing feeling which stands true to its name.

I will always have a couple of spare as I know for a fact how effective this is. This is indeed a “soothing ointment “, try it you won’t surely not be disappointed.

Joyce Legadima

La-Africa Soother is a really

La-Africa Soother is a really great product. I suffer from re-occurring back pain which can be excruciating and it has helped me with pain management. I got a tube for my mother-in-law after she broke her ankle in 2 places and it really helped her through the pain after her surgery. What I really love is that you can apply it without fear of smelling like a hospital. Well done to the innovators -ex Africa semper aliquid novi – Dr Keo, we are looking forward to more from you.

Mpho Moseki

This actually works and very

This actually works and very quickly too. What I like the most about it is you don’t need to apply with a hard rub. I commend this product to any and everyone.

Christopher Isike

Make sure ur introducing your

Make sure ur introducing your rubbing stuff globally its helping ,I can see my grandmom she’s back to herself now ,its good stuff ,promote it , its gonna take u far you’ll be a millionaire in the making

Pule Rasefate

I applied the gel on

I applied the gel on the knee of my 81 year old grandma in her bedroom and just when gets to the lounge and sits on the sofa, she told me that her chronic knee pain is gone.

Kedi Aphane

Comes in handy after a

Comes in handy after a gym session just to ease the stiffness and post workout soreness, i also use it for my inflamed knee which underwent an operation and i’m starting to see an improvement in the swelling.


Sometimes in November 2019 I

Sometimes in November 2019 I fell off a ramp and hit my shin against a hard surface. I have been using normal rubber ointment but the pain and swell were not subsiding. I started using La-Africa Soother early December and the results were amazing. The pain and swell reduced significantly and the dark spot resulting from the trauma is also slowly disappearing.

I have also started using this cream for the arthritis pain on my neck caused by abnormal growth the OS bone. I am sure I will be reporting positive results.



Ndiadivha *Dee* Tempia

Magic ointment Thank you for

Magic ointment

Thank you for giving me this magic ointment…I was able to gym…then I lost weight….then there was no more inflammation in my joints!!!
The ointment gave me another chance in my life


I had a pain in

I had a pain in my hand for carrying heavy bag . Then I couldn’t bend my hand. It was so sore . Then I use LAS !!!

Within 10 minutes the pain was gone .

Thanks to the product !!!



My name is Elizabeth and

My name is Elizabeth and I’m 70years old, I have been suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis since 2004,until my daughter gave me the product, La-Africa Soother. What an amazing product! It gave me instant relief from painful joints, and muscles pain and Iam now able to enjoy my sleep at night without aches and pains. Thank you for such an amazing product….

Elizabeth Mboshane

I wanted to give you

I wanted to give you some feedback now though. Over 2 months ago I broke a bone in my foot. At that point I had your product packed away somewhere due to all the moves and hadn’t really thought about it. I have been wearing a moonboot for nearly 12 weeks now and the unnatural gait and posture it causes, as well as the broken bone (which has been healing very slowly) cause pain up into my leg. After walking a lot yesterday my leg was really hurting and I remembered La Africa Soothery. I rubbed some on my leg and was completely blown away when not even a minute later the pain was practically gone! Your product really does work.

I had also given it to my friend who is a massage therapist to try, because her wrists have been starting to hurt lately and she also said she found it helped for the pain. Perhaps used over time it will help repair damage?

I am using on my foot every day now to help speed the healing process.

Well done on such a great product.

Ren Rose

Hi Mmane Shirley. LA Africa

Hi Mmane Shirley. LA Africa Soother is the best. I feel the difference big time. Thanks and God Bless

Mmamutle Motswatswe

I had a lower back

I had a lower back pain and could not bend. I applied the soother and the pain was gone in less than 30 minutes.

Mmamutle Motswatswe

Amazing!Amazing!Amazing! A friend of mine

Amazing!Amazing!Amazing! A friend of mine is a builder. He fell from a scaffold a few months ago and he has since been in pain. Yesterday (22nd Oct.2019) I tried the gel on my knee, jo! It worked.

I immediately drove to his place and found him in pain. I He applied it on his both arms and in less than 15minutes he said “I feel a difference “.

I left and when I called him in about an hour he said I’m fine. Today (24th Oct.2019) He calls and says “Ke monatenate” meaning I am so ok…..

Nna My knee is 👍…my back is👍. Thanks to the Team and please keep it up South Aftika. This is truly Amazing.

#NoMorePainKillersDownMyThroat. You are SUPER!!!

Lindiwe Modise

I recently had a car

I recently had a car accident and suffered muscle strain and a sprained ankle. I didn’t go to the hospital or doctor, and because of the pains, I thought I was gonna be couch bound and opted to use La-Africa Soother ointment. I am telling you the results were instant! The pain just disappeared into insignificance! This is an amazing product, a must have:)

Violet Marape

A friend of mine is

A friend of mine is a builder. Three months ago, he fell from a scaffold and he has been in pain since. Yesterday (22ndOct. 2019) I introduced him to the gel and it was so amazing! amazing! amazing! After an hour I called just to check on him and he said he is much better. This morning 23rd Oct. 2019 I called and his words were “ke monatenate” meaning I’m super. This couldn’t have arrived at a better time. No more pain killers down my throat for my knees. Thanks to you Prof. Motaung!!!

Lindiwe Modise

I have also used it

I have also used it on my knee and back of my neck….It works wonders!! I’m humbled and happy to have such. No pain killers down my throat anymore!!!

Lindiwe Modise

Most amazing ointment! I can

Most amazing ointment! I can now live freely and happily. Before my lower back was so sore I was unable to do simple things like walking and sleeping with my girlfriend easily. After the oinment, I was able to actually run and jump, and not to mention give Thandi a good time.

Teboho Khawula

I am a keen tennis

I am a keen tennis player and 58 years old. I play league and social tennis three days a week. I experience neck and left knee pain from time to time. I started to use the La-Africa Soother for pain relief and prevention of pain in the mentioned areas. It really works well and I have not had neck or knee pain since. I think this is a very good product with good results. I can recommend this product for joint pain and prevention of joint pain!

Ryno van Wyk

Pain relieved

Oubuti dumelang. Ijoo ke motho pain ele e didimetse ebile ke kgona le go bereka sentle mo ntlong.

Mme Madiehe

***Happy client** Dineo LekabaNatural product

***Happy client** Dineo Lekaba
Natural product from medicinal plants

I have recently started jogging after taking a break for a year,I have experienced a very painful muscles ,but thanks to La- Africa soother tropical herbal gel for soothing my muscles .I am now post jogging
muscle painfree.I didn’t know about this product up until recently when attended a workshop at wits Medical school where Prof Shirley Motaung presented about this amazing product , which is made out of indigenous plant from Limpopo province.we salute you African woman !!!


La Africa Soother is a great product

La Africa Soother is a great product! My mother, aged 88, is struggling with persistent aches and pains related to arthritis. She has been using other ointments with varying levels of success. However, this product (La Africa Soother) has been a game changer! She is very happy with the results and from my own observations, she is experiencing less discomfort!


The results were instant and

The reults were instant and I do not believe I had to endure neck muscle pains for that long when the answer was just right under my nose. It’s a two minute noodle for muscle psind

Dr Hadebe

The product is amazing

Hi Prof

Feedback on La Africa Soother

I exercise 2-3 times a week and I’ve now used the product for 2 weeks. My muscles feel relaxed and not too stiff or painful after an intense workout. My husband also had been using La Africa Soother for back pain and he says it really gives him relief. The products is amazing and worth buying.

Kind Regards


Huge improvement on my Knee

Hi Dr Keo.
My knee has made a huge improvement. I’m not as aware of it anymore and I’ve even started exercising without a knee guard again 😀


This product really helped me.

This product really helped me.

Nesamvuni Shammah

I am happy to use your Product

I just wanted to say thank you once more….we are still very happy (hubby and me)… Since I met you and started using La-Africa soother I’ve been able to exercise as I used to… My weight was dangerously at 85kg!!! I’m currently at 75kg and going strong…I’m carrying too much weight for my body frame and I couldn’t do anything about because of the inflammation in my joints The happiness and gratefulness I feel…. I cannot put down on this email.
L Gwayi

Improving Joints

Very well. My joints are not as troublesome. They’re improving nicely.

i am healed today

Hi Shirley…I hope this email finds you well?
I challenge you to google insanity by SaunT…
I, hubby and my girls love to exercise, but it had become a pain especially for me…my joints wouldn’t let me exercise anymore!
It was like I’m making an excuse not to
Thank you for delivering the ointment for us…much appreciated..yes we exercise without pain now especially me!!
And if you know what insanity program is….you would know the kind of exercises we have to do…As I told you when you called to check on me…my mom did a neck operation successfully but there was still some nagging pain…she wasn’t happy shame…
So I was happy to share your ointment with her…
Seeing her being able to do whatever she wants without pain…is heaven to me…
She is an independent being with a social life which was suffering dearly after the operation…but now…she is happy and able to go about her business… thank you ShirleyMy daughter came from school her heart broken cause her favorite teacher couldn’t stop complaining about the pain in her ankles and was asking if we can’t share your details with her teacher…we did more than that…we shared the ointment with the teacher so that she can feel the relief for herself…
So expect more orders from us.
I can’t thank you enough…I hope when I’m ready for another order…you will be ready too?
Cannot explain the quietness of the constant nagging pain in my joints!!!
I am able now… thanx again
L Gwayi

I am happy with your products

I think I won’t have as many issues in a couple of months. Even my friend is very happy with it.

A happy family

I exercise 2-3 times a week and I’ve now used the product for 2 weeks. My muscles feel relaxed and not too stiff or painful after an intense workout. My husband also had been using La Africa Soother for back pain and he says it really gives him relief. The product is amazing and worth buying.

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