Natural Pain Relief
Global Health BioTech
Natural Pain Relief
Global Health BioTech
Natural Pain Relief
Global Health BioTech
Natural Pain Relief
Global Health BioTech
Natural Pain Relief
Global Health BioTech
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About Us

Global Health Biotech (PTY) Ltd spin-off  company based in Pretoria, South Africa.  Founded  by Professor Keolebogile Motaung who is a biomedical scientist in partnership with two of her former PhD students Dr Maepa and Dr Razwinani  has broken the ranks in producing the first product aimed at preventative care, meaning it is applied ahead before and after physical activity to prevent anticipated muscle aches. This is the first product of its kind aimed at preventative care, meaning it is applied before and after physical activity to prevent anticipated muscle aches. La Soother Africa is available in the market, affordable and widely available to all income groups.

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Relieve pain and inflammation naturally with La-Africa Soother

Our proprietry anti-inflammatory topical ointment called La-Africa Soother (LAS), which relieves muscle aches and joint pain. It is widely used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts and other physically active people. It is applied both before and after physical activity to prevent any anticipated muscle aches and pains. Unlike other similar products, it focuses on prevention rather than cure.

Relieve Pain the Natural Way

Say goodbye to inflammation and discomfort with La-Africa Soother (LAS), a locally-produced natural anti-inflammatory cream made from medicinal plants. Experience relief without the side effects of traditional medications and embrace a more holistic approach to pain relief.

Knee Pain
Shoulder pain

Recover faster with natural pain relief.

Don’t let injuries slow you down. Our natural anti-inflammatory cream, La-Africa Soother (LAS), provides effective pain relief and supports faster recovery from injuries. Get back in the game with our alternative solution for athletes and sportsmen/women.

Find fast relief with a natural alternative.

Don’t rely on synthetic chemicals for pain relief. Experience the power of nature with La-Africa Soother (LAS). Our natural anti-inflammatory cream provides fast relief without the side effects. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to wellness.

Pain Free

La-Africa Soother

Experience the natural healing properties of our anti-inflammatory ointment cream, La-Africa Soother (LAS). Designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts, this alternative cream is made from medicinal plants to provide effective relief. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to natural healing.

What our Customers say?

I have chronic joint pains, the first time I used La Africa I was hiking in a long difficult trail. I felt excruciating knee pain halfway through the trail 🦵🤕. I applied a pea size amount of La Africa, the knee felt better in minutes 🤌. Since then I have been applying it before workout 💪The best joint pain preventative 💯 La Africa slaps. 💥💫
I am a social runner and a hiker, I usually exercise 4-5 days a week. At times I would experience stiffness on my right calf , especially on waking up in the mornings. I am grateful to Prof Keo Motaung for introducing La-Africa Soother herbal paste to me. I have applied a pea-sized quantity on my calf and on my knee, and just less than 5 minutes the pain on the affected areas has remarkably reduced a lot.
La-Africa Soother is a really great product. I suffer from re-occurring back pain which can be excruciating and it has helped me with pain management. I got a tube for my mother-in-law after she broke her ankle in 2 places and it really helped her through the pain after her surgery. What I really love is that you can apply it without fear of smelling like a hospital. Well done to the innovators -ex Africa semper aliquid novi – Dr Keo, we are looking forward to more from you.
Mpho Moseki
I had lower back pain and could not bend. I applied the soother and the pain was gone ni less than 30 minutes.
I exercise 2-3 times a week and I've now used the product for 2 weeks. My muscles feel relaxed and not too stiff or painful after an intense workout. My husband also had been using La Africa Soother for back pain and he says it really gives him relief. The products is amazing and worth buying.
La Africa Soother is a great product! My mother, aged 88, is struggling with persistent aches and pains related to arthritis. She has been using other ointments with varying levels of success. However, this product (La Africa Soother) has been a game changer! She is very happy with the results and from my own observations, she is experiencing less discomfort!