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GLOBAL HEALTH BIOTECH (PTY) LTD is a company founded by entrepreneur, Prof.  Keolebogile Shirley Motaung specializing in the research and development of medicinal plant based derived morphogenetic factors for use in tissue regeneration of bone and joint cartilage. Established in 2016, to promote scientific research concept to final product.

The company is extremely proud of its BBBEE status and is rated level 1.

Age of business: Global Health Biotech (PTY) LTD) was registered in the Republic of South Africain 2015.
But it was dormant due to lack of funding. So it started to operate towards end of November 2016.

Vision statement
To be an international provider of high quality commercial medicinal products to the middle-income market suffering from musculoskeletal injuries.

Mission statement
To be the biotech leader in the provision of clinical proven and affordable plant-based products for treating musculoskeletal injuries.

We believe that the future for musculoskeletal inflammation and injuries depends on medicinal plants/ natural products

Objectives: To work collaboratively in order to achieve our goal.


Global Health Biotech (PTY) LTD  manufactures the natural anti-inflammatory ointment/cream named La-Africa Soother (LAS) from medicinal plants. La-Africa Soother (LAS) product offers athletes, sportsmen and women an alternative natural anti-inflammatory cream/ointment.

The LAS ointment is used to relieves muscle and joint pain, treats pain at the source , speeds recovery and long lasting. Application of LAS should be before and after physical activity in order to prevent injury (this is the 1st of its kind).


Our services provide short learning programme (SLP) for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, products development/prototype, testing safety and efficacy of products, grant and proposal writing, assist with commercialization of products.


Keolebogile Motaung

Professor Keolebogile Motaung is a Biomedical Scientist and the Assistant Dean in charge of Postgraduate Studies, Research, and Innovation in the Faculty of Science at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). She is also the Founder of Global Health Biotech (PTY) LTD. As a Professor, research scientist and entrepreneur, she trains her postgraduate students not just on how to do research, and become a scientist, but also on how to become entrepreneur. By becoming entrepreneurs, they can create jobs for themselves after completing their studies at a time when jobs are scarce, and unemployment is high. She obtained her D.Tech (Biomedical Technology) in 2010, at TUT in collaboration with University of California, Davis, USA . Through her innovation, she has just developed a product from medicinal plants that offers athletes, sportsmen and women an alternative natural anti-inflammatory cream/ointment to relieves muscles, joint aches and treats pain at the source. The product is now ready for commercialization

Mr Makwese Maepa
(PhD Student)

Mr Makwese Maepa is a registered PhD student in the department of Biomedical Sciences at Tshwane University of Technology. He graduated his Masters degree in 2015 with Cum-Laude. His main area of study has always been based on the possibility of treating diseases with in-expensive natural medicinal plant products. It is and has always been his dream to see change in medical health practices that uses in-expensive plant based medicinal products to treat disorders and relieve our poor people from the health burden. He is co-founder of Global Health Biotech (PTY) LTD.

Ms Mapula Razwinani
(PhD Student)

Miss Mapula Razwinani is a Biomedical Scientist, D-Tech student and a part time lecturer at Tshwane University of Technology, Department of Biomedical Sciences. She holds a M-Tech in Biomedical Technology, winner of 2017 Institutional FameLabSA. As a scientist, she specialized in medicinal plants and tissue engineering of bone and articular cartilage. She is also a Chief Operation Officer of Global Health Biotech (PTY) LTD-South Africa. She is part of the group that developed a natural anti-inflammatory cream/ ointment product from medicinal plants that relieves muscles, joint aches and treats pain at the affected site or injured.



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